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AutoSorter™ III

AutoSorter III

Automate Consistency and Efficiency Into Your Laboratory

• Stand-alone pre- and post-analytic specimen-processing platform that addresses the needs of mid-size and large hospital laboratories.
• Dual Cartesian specimen handlers operate cooperatively, moving specimens between input drawers, centrifuge, decapper and output drawers.
• Input and output drawers are configurable to permit use of most popular instrument racks, including Siemens, Olympus, Hitachi/Roche, Sysmex and Yaskawa Motoman.
• Centrifugation is performed (as required) by a fully integrated Hettich Rotanta centrifuge with capacity for 72 tubes per cycle.
• Decapper is provided for cap removal prior to sorting specimens to the target output racks (as required by processing instructions).
• Most specimen handling-related mechanical components are located above the workspace, leaving the “deck” open. This allows processing equipment and queue areas to be optimized.
• Each handler is equipped with a servo-driven specimen gripper with attached barcode reader, and is capable of traversing the entire processing area.
• The all servo-drive design, including Yaskawa linear servo motors, is ideal for high duty-cycle applications. It offers exceptional life and extended service intervals.
• LIS connectivity through Data Innovations’ Instrument Manager™ and other connectivity methods enables specimen processing instructions and sort results reporting in real time. This approach permits the AutoSorter III to act as an integral tool in the preand post-analytic specimen processing workflow with enhanced tracking and visibility of samples through archiving.


- Flexibility to process a wide variety of clinical specimen configurations through centrifugation, decapping and sorting in preparation for loading to diagnostic instruments and systems
- Consolidates post-analytic specimens and creates inventory files for archive
- High sorting accuracy and specimen traceability
- Robust design and industrial components provide high system uptime and reliability
- Compact design with efficient footprint utilization
- Free your staff from non-value added specimen processing tasks

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Click here to download the product brochure (PDF file).