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FD11 controller

FD11 controller

This high-performance, multi-tasking controller features many hardware and software enhancements providing increased performance, cooperative motion capability, shorter cycle times, and easy menu-driven programming. Easily connect the FD11 robot controller to auxilary equipment and machines using any industry standard communication protocol. The full color touch screen teach pendant can be user customized with 248 HMI style keys and FlexGui (Flexible Graphic User Interface). FlexGui allow the user to create customized screens used to interact with robot functions and display key production data. Included standard in the FD11 controller is a software PLC that can be used to control peripheral equipment, an entire work cell, machine to machine communication, or perform more simple tasks. The FD11 complies with international standard safety circuit protocol for safety and reliability you can count on.

Benefits & Features

Control Features

- 50mm short pitch moves 30% fasterFD11 NASPEC 2
- International standard safety circuit equipped
- High-speed interference detection
- Fully digital drive with high-speed DSP motion control
- Simplified maintenance
- Extends to industry standard bus (ISA/PCI)</li>>Easily creates full system backups to USB thumb drive
- 9,999 Program capacity
- NEMA 12 Enclosure (IP54 rated dust proof / drip proof)
- Built in help menu and robot manual

Enhanced Software
- Real time operating system (RTOS) plus Windows Embedded
- Improved robot motion - higher speed, improved motion planning
- Software PLC directly controls peripheral devices
- Software help function contains the robot manual

Teach Pendant
- Easy to operate
- Ergonomic design
- 5.7" Color graphic display
- Standard touch screen
- Buttons and indicators can be customized
- Customizable interface panel HMI with up to 248 keys
- Thumb wheel for fast scrolling
- USB memory port built into teach pendant for fast and easy backups

For detailed technical information on the FD11 controller download the FD11 Specification.

Please call us on 317-214-7266 for pricing options.

Click here to download the product brochure (PDF file).