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High Speed Seam Welding Robot

High Speed Seam Welding Robot

Nachi Speed-Weld is a revolutionay new variation of the resistance welding process known as Resistance Seam Welding (RSW). Using Nachi Speed-Weld current is intermittently passed between rotating electrode wheels creating a high strength and leak tight continuously welded seam. Speed-Weld technology creates leak tight hermetically sealed joints ideal for fuel tanks and other fluid containment vessels.

Technical highlights

- High speed welding, up to 20 Meters per minute. When used in spot mode, Nachi Speed Weld is the fastest spot welding robot ever made.
- First ever robotically mounted seam welding gun provides unmatched flexibility
- Advanced high frequency design operates at 3,000Hz drastically reducing weight
- Dual transformer design significantly improves allowable duty cycle for long continuous welding typical of seam welding applications
- Servo driven synchronized roller electrodes dynamically adjust rotational speed for welding complex shapes and curved surfaces
- Electrode wear compensation function automatically adjusts rotational speeds for changes in electrode diameter
- Welding parameters coordinated to linear travel speed
- Electrode speed automatically compensates varied thickness of steel sheet
- Long-life heavy-duty power supply unit
- Non-slip welding with dual electrode operation

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Click here to download the product brochure (PDF file).