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KR 210 R2700 PRIME CR

KR 210 R2700 PRIME CR

The KR QUANTEC is consistently rated for particularly high working speeds. Cleanrooms have extremely high requirements in terms of freedom from particles. KUKA cleanroom robots meet these requirements while maintaining maximum productivity levels.

Payload: 210 kg
Supplementary payload: 50 kg
Working envelope
Max. reach: 2696 mm
Other data and variants
Number of axes: 6
Repeatability: ±0,06 mm
Weight: 1116 kg
Mounting positions: Floor
Controller: KR C4
Protection class: IP 65

Highly finished surfaces
Smooth surfaces with a special multilevel 2 component-paint, which is highly resistant to cleaning agents.

High-quality materials
All screws and fixtures with corrosion protected surfaces. Optimized seals ensure minimum abrasion.

High cleanliness classes
Cleanliness Class 4 according to DIN EN ISO 14644-1 at a workload of 80 % of its nominal speed.

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