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KR 240 R3330 (KR 360 FORTEC)

KR 240 R3330 (KR 360 FORTEC)

The heavy-duty robot of the new generation impresses by its new streamlined design and improved performance. As a robot of the heavy-duty category, it offers a significantly large work envelope and a considerable length of the reference load center distances. The hole patterns for both the mounting flange on the robot wrist and for fastening the robot to the floor are the same for the robots of the new generation as for their predecessor models. Thus the new heavy-duty robot fit in existing cell layouts without problems. Also available as a foundry-version.

Payload: 240 kg
Supplementary payload: 50 kg
Working envelope
Max. reach: 3326 mm
Other data and variants
Number of axes: 6
Repeatability: ±0,08 mm
Weight: 2421 kg
Mounting positions: Floor, ceiling*
Controller: KR C4
Protection class: IP 65

Shortened maximum reach for ceiling version: 2919 mm

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Click here to download the product brochure (PDF file).