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It needs no protective suit and can nonetheless work at temperatures way below zero: the KR QUANTEC PA arctic. Its immunity to cold temperatures makes the robot ideal for the food sector -- right down to -30 °C.

The models KR 120 R3200 PA, KR 180 R3200 PA and KR 240 R3200 PA are available in the arctic version.

Payload: 240/180/120 kg
Supplementary payload: 50 kg
Working envelope
Max. reach: 3195 mm
Other data and variants
Number of axes: 5
Repeatability: ±0,06 mm
Weight: 1103/1093/1075 kg
Mounting positions: floor
Controller: KR C4
Protection class: IP 65
Temperature range: -30°C -- +5°C

Chilled out and one-of-a-kind. Down to -30 °C.

The KR QUANTEC PA arctic robot is specially designed for palletizing at extremely low temperatures. It can work in the freezing cold without any protective suit. In addition, its energy supply system leading right up to the flange is adapted to the cold.

A true expert. Without compromises.

No temperature fluctuations -- no loss of quality. No formation of ice on the frozen goods. The KR QUANTEC PA arctic is designed to work uncompromisingly, reliably and extremely fast without heaters in the robot arm – now also in deep-freeze environments.

Careful handling of foodstuffs. Sensitive handling of costs.

The KR QUANTEC PA arctic functions without a protective suit, offering radical cost savings compared with conventional shrouded solutions. For example, no annual costs and downtime for exchange work are required. Furthermore, cost-intensive heat emissions in the cold storage depot are avoided as no heating is required.

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Click here to download the product brochure (PDF file).