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- NEW! Extended 2,010 mm reach
- NEW! 10 kg payload for welding applications
- NEW! Large 50 mm thru-hole for process utilities
- NEW! Contoured arm design improves torch access
- Proven torch cable reliability; backed by industry’s first two-year torch cable warranty


• Slim, extended reach six-axis MA2010 welding robot increases productivity and achieves highest welding performance.
• Large, 50 mm thru-hole for torch cabling, sensor wires and water cooling. Eliminates cable interference, simplifies programming and reduces cable wear.
• 10 kg payload supports motorized torches and sensors.
• Hollow upper arm maintains optimum bend radius of welding torch cable, maximizing weld performance. T-axis can rotate torch ±210 degrees without cable interference.
• New, contoured arm design reduces interference with jigs and large parts.
• Optimized mounting area for feeder reduces interference.
• Symmetric wrist profile provides equal torch access to both sides of part.
• Ideally suited for use in high-density workcells with multiple robots working in close proximity.
• Extended reach is ideal for agriculture/construction machinery or automotive frames.
• Slim arm allows easy access to parts in tight spots and avoids potential interference with fixtures.
• Also available with increased 24 kg payload capacity in slightly shorter (1,730 mm) MH24 configuration for material handling.


- 10 kg payload
- 2,010 mm horizontal reach
- 3,649 mm vertical reach
- ±0.08 mm repeatability
- Floor, wall or ceiling mounted


- Extended length manipulator cables
- Robot risers and base plates
- Wide variety of fieldbus cards
- Vision systems
- Seam tracking and seam finding packages
- Variety of weld packages

Please call us on 317-214-7266 for pricing options.

Click here to download the product brochure (PDF file).