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Assembly, Dispensing, Machine Tending, Material Handling, Packaging

• Powerful high-speed six axis robot is ideal for multitude of applications.
• 12 kg wrist payload and additional mounting surface on upper arm (up to 10 kg), enables ease of integration of complex gripper tools without compromising performance.
• Enhanced robot work space features 1,440 mm horizontal reach and 2,511 mm vertical reach. The large work envelope extends behind the robot, allowing space for robot tool storage or maintenance.
• Hollow upper arm provides optimal cable protection while enhancing operational reliability. A 50 mm through-hole in the wrist encloses the cable and protects it from wear, interference or snagging.
• New, contoured arm design reduces interference with fixtures, parts or machinery.
• Patented double yoke upper arm design provides additional strength to protect the arm in case of undesired crashes.
• Symmetric wrist profile provides consistent motion and clearances regardless of robot approach.
• Floor-mounted model is standard. Wall- or ceiling-mounted versions are available. Brakes are included on all axes.
• The MH12 has an IP67-rated wrist and an IP54 body standard. An XP (eXtra Protection) package that increases the body protection rating to IP65 is available.
• An anti-corrosive paint option is available for environments where harsh acidic or alkaline cleaners are used, such as food processing facilities.
• Ideally suited for use in high-density work cells with multiple robots working in close proximity.

Key Benefits

- Versatile design applicable to multitude of applications.
- Contoured arm design to improve access and reduce peripheral interferences.
- Hollow-arm design for ease of cable management and enhanced cable life.


- 12 kg payload
- 1,440 mm horizontal reach
- 2,511 mm vertical reach
- ±0.08 mm repeatability

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Click here to download the product brochure (PDF file).