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MH50 II and MH50 II-35

MH50 II and MH50 II-35

Coating, Dispensing, Machine Tending, Material Cutting, Material Handling, Press Tending

• Powerful, high-speed robots with long/extended reaches offer superior performance in coating, dispensing, material cutting and handling applications.
• Wide work envelopes with small interference zones, allow robots to be placed close to workpieces/equipment which reduces required floorspace.
• Highly reliable, six-axis robots feature high-rigidity speed reducers and high-speed motion which reduce cycle times.
• High payload moment and inertia ratings allow these robots to handle larger and heavier payloads.
• Cables and air lines are routed through robot base to upper arm to increase cable life, enhance safety and reduce teaching time.
• Cable installation tube in robot base facilitates fieldbus routing to the upper arm and/or gripper.
• MH50 II-20 also available featuring 20 kg payload; 3,106 mm horizontal reach; 5,585 mm vertical reach and ±0.15 mm repeatability.
• The MH50 II and MH50 II-35 robots can be floor-, wall- or ceilingmounted. Brakes on all axes.
• Mounting for peripheral equipment is provided in multiple locations to make integration easier.
• IP67-rated wrist is provided on the MH50-series robots. The standard robot has an IP54-rated body, and an IP65-rated body is available on the foundry hardened, eXtra Protection option.
• Anti-corrosive paint option is available as an option when the robot is to be installed in a corrosive environment.

Key Benefits

-Variety of payloads and reaches allow MH-series robot models to be used for a variety of projects.
- High speeds and mounting flexibility allows use in a variety of applications.
- High wrist ratings provide higher handling capacity.


MH50 II:
- 50 kg payload
- 2,061 mm horizontal reach
- 3,578 mm vertical reach
MH50 II-35:
- 35 kg payload
- 2,538 mm horizontal reach
- 4,448 mm vertical reach

- ±0.07 mm repeatability

Please call us on 317-214-7266 for pricing options.

Click here to download the product brochure (PDF file).