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MPK2F and MPK2F-5

MPK2F and MPK2F-5

- 2 kg (MPK2F)
- 5 kg (MPK2F-5)

The MPK2F and MPK2F-5 are high-performance 5-axis robots designed for high-speed picking and case-packing applications. Ideal for placing product into a deep case. The FS100 is a powerful controller with unmatched open software architecture.

Fast, Flexible and Compact

- Ideal for high-speed picking, kitting and cartoning of food and consumer goods.
- 900 mm horizontal reach provides largest work envelope in its class.
- Payload capacity for the MPK2F is 2 kg, the MPK2F-5 is 5 kg. Both models have ±0.5 mm repeatability.
- Compact, slim arm design allows reach into confined spaces, improving system productivity. Deep work envelope provides flexibility for a range of applications.
- Hollow arm design allows cables and hoses to be run internally throughout entire robot from base to wrist which improves reliability.
- Wrist speed of 2,000 degrees per second provides maximum productivity, even when parts need to be rotated.
- IP67 robot. Rated for washdown cleaning (when optional covers are installed), even with certain caustic cleaners.
- Ready for food applications with National Sanitation Foundation (NSF-H1) certified food-grade grease.
- MPK2F: floor-, ceiling- or wall-mounted; MPK2F-5: floor- or ceiling-mounted.

FS100 Controller

- Small, compact controller.
- 470 mm wide, 200 mm high, 420 mm deep.
- Designed for packaging and small parts handling robots with payloads of 20 kg and under.
- Compatible with integrated MotoSight™ 2D vision and conveyor tracking (optional).
- Improved communication speeds and functionality.
- High-speed I/O response and highresolution timers.
- Open architecture enables software customization in widely accepted environments such as C, C++, C# and .NET.
- Uses same programming pendant hardware as DX100 controller, providing a consistent programming interface with current products.
- Enabled for MotoPick™ scheduling software.

Top Reasons to Buy

- High-speed robot with best-in-class axis speeds
- Energy saving design does not require expensive compressed air for cooling
- Washdown-ready robot (optional) for food and other applications where cleanliness is important
- Ready for food applications with NSF-H1 certified food-grade grease
- Hollow wrist with through-arm cabling reduces interference and improves system reliability

Please call us on 317-214-7266 for pricing options.

Click here to download the product brochure (PDF file).