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Case Palletizing, Bag Palletizing, De-Palletizing, Layer Picking, Layer Forming

• Versatile robot with 300 kg payload capacity is applicable to heavy duty case palletizing, bag palletizing, layer and pallet handling, order picking and many logistical tasks for end-of-line or distribution center automation.
• Extensive 3,024 mm vertical reach combined with 3,159 mm horizontal reach enables this robot to build 102 in. tall trailer-high loads on standard 48 in. x 40 in. pallet.
• Hollow wrist offers the flexibility to connect the end-of-arm tool providing wide range of wrist motion without interference.
• T-axis allowable moment of inertia (140 kg•m2 ) allows this robot to handle unbalanced loads effectively without compromising speed or performance.
• Internally routed airlines and cables from base to the end-of-arm tool maximizes reliability.
• Cable installation tube in robot base facilitates fieldbus routing to the upper arm and/or gripper.
• Available with PalletSolver™, Yaskawa Motoman’s operator-friendly palletizing software suite for fast and easy creation of palletizing patterns.
• PalletSolver’s offline pattern generation tool with intuitive graphical interface allows quick changeovers without halting production.
• Highly customizable to each palletizing system.
• Directly imports pallet patterns generated in widely-used TOPS® or CAPE software.

Key Benefits

- High-speed, 4-axis palletizing robot with performance-driven design.
- High allowable moment of inertia handles unbalanced loads effectively
- Highly reliable


- 300 kg maximum payload
- 3,024 mm vertical reach
- 3,159 mm horizontal reach
- ±0.5 mm repeatability

Please call us on 317-214-7266 for pricing options.

Click here to download the product brochure (PDF file).