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Fast, Precise, and Reliable

• High-speed operation - speeds up to 150 cycles per minute (CPM) with full 3 kg payload and up to 185 CPM with 1 kg payload. CPM rate includes 0.04 second per cycle for part acquisition and release.
• Highly accurate ±0.1 mm repeatability.
• Direct driven T-axis (rotary-axis) simplifies design and improves reliability of operations.
• Software-based arm dislocation detection promptly stops robot to avoid damage to parts, workcell and/or the robot itself.

Optimized Workspace

• The MPP3-series robots offer versatility for application layout without compromising on payload, speed or performance.
• Zero footprint design with compact installation space of 650 mm diameter (MPP3S) and 750 mm diameter (MPP3H)

Ease of Use and Flexibility

• Ø80 mm thru-hole at the base of the robot makes it easier to manage I/O and airline cabling challenges.
• Removable covers on top of base allow for easy grease replenishment.
• Available with advanced technologies such as MotoSight™, MotoPick™ and conveyor tracking.

Applicable to Wide Spectrum of Industries

– With its IP67 structure, NSF-H1 certified food-grade lubricants, anti-corrosive paint and ISO Class 5 (Federal standard 209E clean class 100), the MPP3-series robots are ideal for use in many industries including:
- Food and beverage
- Consumer packaged goods
- Pharmaceutical
- Life sciences
- Automotive

Key Benefits

- Ideal for primary packaging with performance optimized for payload.
- Zero footprint and compact design ideal for high-density installation.
- NSF-H1 certified food-grade lubricants and anti-corrosive coating allow handling of wide variety of products.


- 3 kg payload
- ±0.1 mm repeatability
- IP67 protection rating
- Motion Range (Ø x z-stroke): MPP3S: 800 mm x 300 mm MPP3H: 1,300 mm x 600 mm

Please call us on 317-214-7266 for pricing options.

Click here to download the product brochure (PDF file).