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MS165 MS210

MS165 MS210

Spot Welding

• Six-axis MS165 and MS210 spot welding robots feature optimized vibration control, high-rigidity speed reducers and high-speed spot gun motion which reduces air cut time and improves productivity.
• Expanded wrist motion range eliminates interference and improves application flexibility.
• New, streamlined design features slim base and wrist profiles, and compact gas spring which allow for high density robot spacing. Robots can easily reach into confined spaces, improving application flexibility.
• Up to 70% less power consumption during motion and 25% savings during idle periods compared to previous models.
• Servo gun cables and air and water lines are routed through robot base and upper arm to increase cable life, enhance safety and reduce teaching time.
• Controller connectivity provides simple wiring to spot timers and robot pendant weld programming for Medar® and Nadex® brand timers.

• Numerous spot welding functions to take advantage of servo gun control including:
- Work thickness detection
- Multi-step pressure file
- Tip wear compensation
- Work search function
- Servo tip dresser
- Pendant o-scope

• Spot harness connections
- Connections from base to upper arm
- DeviceNet signal and power
- Connections from base to wrist (gun)
- Servo motor and encoder
- Air hose (2) 6.5 mm ID, (1) 8 mm ID
- Water hose (4) 8 mm ID
- Weld power (2) 22 mm2, (1) 14 mm2
-Transformer thermostat (3) 0.75 mm2
- User I/O (9) twisted pair + (1) 0.3 mm2

Key Benefits

- Reduced life cycle cost and increased cable life with proven integrated power and utility cable harness
- Increased payload and speed with optimized robot and control for reduced cycle time
- Slim profile for high density spacing and for reaching into confined spaces
- Reduced energy consumption and improved maintainability


MS165 payload:
- 165 kg with spot harness
- 180 kg without spot harness
MS210 payload:
- 210 kg with spot harness
- 225 kg without spot harness

-2,702 mm horizontal reach
- 3,393 mm vertical reach
- ±0.2 mm repeatability
- Floor mounted

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Click here to download the product brochure (PDF file).