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NT410/NT510 (Single arm)

NT410/NT510 (Single arm)

Kawasaki Heavy Industries made Japan’s first industrial robot in 1969, and has led the robot industry ever since. In 1995 Kawasaki began to manufacture clean robots, starting with the development of clean robots used exclusively for semiconductor and LCD manufacturing process equipment. Today our innovative lineup features a number of groundbreaking handling systems.

The NT series clean robot is designed to give a single robot the reach to tend up to four FOUPs without using a linear axis. The NT series incorporates the next-generation design to handle either 300 mm or 450 mm wafers at a rate of 400 wafers per hour (WPH) without an aligner.

Single NT series arm can reach up to four FOUPs. An optional linear axis is available to increase the maximum number of FOUPs to five.

The throughput of the standard NT robot is 280 wafers per hour (WPH) with aligner and 400 WPH without aligner. An optional gripper is available that increases the throughput to 700 WPH.

NT models instantaneously respond to electrical fluctuations, such as a drop in voltage, and automatically resume operation when voltage is restored.

NT models meet specific considerations for environment and personal safety.

Both software and hardware components are equipped with collision detection features to lessen the damage of delicate and specialized equipment caused by collisions.

The NT620 model features a ceiling mount specification design for use in a chemical liquid environment while meeting ISO Class 1 requirements.

  • Can be used with up to 4 FOUPs with no track (option for up to 5 FOUPs).
  • Single robot that can access all the EFEMs, and can be used with between 2 to 4 FOUPs without a track. Adding the special option enables the robot to be used with 5 FOUPs.
  • High throughput
    The throughput of the standard robot is 280 WPH (with aligner) and 400 WPH (without aligner). The optional special gripper increases the throughput to 700 WPH.
  • Kawasakis original mechanism ensures long-term compliance with ISO Class 1 standards.
  • Smooth operation
    The specially designed drive system enables the robot to move incredibly smoothly and deliver high precision.
  • 450 mm wafer compatible
    The same robot currently being used for 300 mm wafers can also be used for 450 mm wafers.
  • In addition to handling wafers, the NT series robots can also be used for solar panels, LCDs, and organic EL panels.
  • Optional self-diagnosis and full-automatic programming functions are available.
  • Compliant with SEMI-F47 standard. Instantaneous response to problems such as a drop in voltage, and automatic resumption of operation when voltage is restored.
  • Compliant with SEMI-S2 standard. Sufficient consideration given to the environment and personal safety.
  • Equipped with a collision detection function to lessen the damage caused by collisions


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