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NV Pro Vision System

NV Pro Vision System

The advanced features of the Nachi FD11 Controller features allows for simple connection to any vision system using an Ethernet or Serial connection. For even more performance, the Nachi FD11 Controller also features extended vision guidance capabilities with the fully integrated vision system NV-Pro.

NV Pro is Nachi's proprietary vision system built into the controller and teach pendant for ease of use. NV Pro is a completely integrated solution capable of 2D & 3D vision functions.

Technical highlights:

- Automatic exposure function improves tolerance to ambient light fluctuations
- Improved hardware performance and faster I/O control greatly shortens measuring time
- Camera images can be displayed on the teach pendant
- Can be programmed from the teach pendant

High-speed, high-capability systems

- A visual device has been imbedded and unified with an AX control device, realizing high-speed processing.
- (Measuring Time (compared to conventional devices of our company): 2D: 60%, 3D: 83% increase in speed)
- Equipped with a part search tool which is not affected by the direction, size or exterior irregularities of parts.

Equipped with stereo recognition function

- Uses our independently developed stereo vision algorithm to measure the 3D position of work.
- Even for bulk work within the pallet, the robot performs position offset and removes work.

Cross laser 3D sensor

- Cross laser irradiation makes it possible to recognize the tilt, height and holes of work in 3D position.
- Optimal for removing bulk sheets and boxes.


- Vision system is built into the controller and the teach pendant is easy to use
- Automatic exposure function improves resistance to ambient light by four times
- Improved hardware performance and faster I/O control greatly shortens measuring time (comparison with our existing model: 2D is 60% and 3D is 83% faster)

Please call us on 317-214-7266 for pricing options.

Click here to download the product brochure (PDF file).