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NV111 (3-axis, double arm)

NV111 (3-axis, double arm)


The NV series features two models of horizontal articulated robot arms ideal for handling wafers and EL panels within a vacuum environment. This series is designed specifically for high speed, minimum vibration wafer and EL panel handling with a lightweight and compact arm design.

The NV series arms are designed to handle wafers and EL panels in a vacuum environment. These robots can operate in an environment with a maximum ultimate pressure of 1.33x10-4 Pascals.

The NV series robot arms are controlled by the D60 or D61 controllers, the same controller used for the atmospheric environment clean robots.

  • Delivers high speed handling of wafers and organic electroluminescent panels with minimum vibration.
  • Realizes a compact and light weight design.
  • Can be used with the D60, the D61 controller for the NS, NX and NT series robots.
  • A single D61 controller can be used to control both an atmospheric environment robot and a vacuum environment robot


- Cleanroom

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