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ST210TP Robot

ST210TP Robot

Press Tending Robot

Nachi Robots are easily synchronized with industrial stamping presses. Many presses have high cycle rates that must be matched by the robot. Nachi Robots have a combination of high top speed, excellent repeatability, and fast I/O signal processing. These qualities are the key to success in a press tending application. Using Nachi robots for press tending significantly reduces human interaction in this potentially dangerous type of application. Nachi's proprietary ST210TP robot with "Swivel Arm" attachment extends robot reach and speed, drastically increasing the usable work space and reducing cycle time. Nachi offers a complete line of robots fit for press tending, whether the stamped part is small or large Nachi has a robot for your stamping application.

The ST210TP is a specialty robot utilizing 7th axis arm specifically designed for high speed sheet metal transfer between stamping presses. The newly designed transfer arm features extremely high regidity and heavy duty reduction gearing that can endure the intense duty cycle that press tending requires. Best in class MTBF and speed make the ST210TP the top choice for press-to-press transfer in high volume manufacturing processes.


- Supports payloads up to 80Kg (Gripper + Part)
- Incredible reach capability, pitch between machines up to 8 Meters (26.25 feet)
- Change gripper tools during die changes with optional tool changer
- High speed motion, vibration suppression, and heavy duty gear box provide up to 12 spm

New swivel arm for press tending

- Thin and light arm, payload up to 80kg. (hand tool + work piece)
- Available various orientations of work transfer. (parallel transfer, 180°/90° rotated transfer)
- Maximum press pitch up to 8m.
- Change tools while press dies are being changed by installing the Auto Tool Changer (option).

Please call us on 317-214-7266 for pricing options.

Click here to download the product brochure (PDF file).