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Material Handling, Part Transfer

• High-speed, shelf-mounted robot provides flexibility and superior performance in high-payload material handling applications.
• Slender design enables six-axis UP400RD II to work in tight spaces and service multiple processes.
• Fast axis speeds reduce cycle times and increase production throughput.
• Optional MotoSim® EG-VRC, off-line programming software with virtual robot control simplifies programming and simulation.
• Up to 70% less power consumption during motion and 25% savings during idle periods compared to previous models.
• I/O wiring harness and air lines are routed through robot base to upper arm to increase cable life, enhance safety and reduce teaching time.
• Able to handle all types of material including ceramics, composites, metals and polymers.
• Cable installation tube in the base of the robot facilitates fieldbus routing to the robot upper arm and/or gripper.
• Pre-wired for servo gripper which allows a wider range of product handling.
• Pre-wired with internal DeviceNet cable that can be used for robot upper arm and/or gripper.
• Optional high inertia model variant available to effectively handle heavy or unbalanced loads.
• Can eliminate inconsistencies inherent in manual processes for turning, milling and grinding applications.

Key Benefits

- Slim, space-saving shelfmounted design
- Full six-axis capability provides high flexibility
- Extended reach to service equipment in a large work envelope
- Energy efficient design of DX200 versus previous controller


- 400 kg maximum payload
- 4,909 mm vertical reach
- 3,518 mm horizontal reach
- ±0.5 mm repeatability

Please call us on 317-214-7266 for pricing options.

Click here to download the product brochure (PDF file).