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Spot Welding

• Unique slim design optimizes automotive applications using DC spot guns with compact servo actuators.
• Can be placed in close proximityto work pieces and other robots to create flexible, high-density layouts, eliminating multiple stations and resulting in shorter production lines and smaller spot welding workcells.
• Seven degrees of freedom provides ability to reorient manipulator axes without changing gun position in space. Multi-jointed arm can fold down into a very low profile.
• Distance between the L-axis and U-axis can be changed by changing the angle of the E-axis, effectively creating a variable length L arm.
• The industry’s first 7-axis robot provides highly flexible range of motion.
• Cycle time can be reduced and energy can be saved by replacing large-sized robots with this mediumsized robot.
• Innovative design with integrated spot harness prevents interference and reduces programming time.

Key Benefits

- Ideal for flexible, high-density layouts that reduce cycle times, takt time
- Provides flexible reach and enlarged range of motion
- Integrated spot harness facilitates programming, reduces maintenance
- Addition of E-axis creates a virtual variable length L arm


- 100 kg with spot harness
- 110 kg without spot harness

- 2,236 mm horizontal reach
- 3,793 mm vertical reach
- ±0.12 mm repeatability

Please call us on 317-214-7266 for pricing options.

Click here to download the product brochure (PDF file).