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YF002N Robot

YF002N Robot

The “Y series” high-speed pick & place robots are ideal for a wide range of applications, including food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics production lines, as well as the assembly and placement of electrical, electronic, and machine parts. The “Y series” includes two models: the YF003N, with a 3-kg payload capacity, and the YF002N with a 2-kg payload capacity. They are capable of high-speed motion over a wide range, which helps speed up production lines.


The pick & place Y Series Robots are parallel type robots with the quality and reliability that has become synonymous with Kawasaki. The shaftless design is easy to maintain, simple to program and features industry leading payload capacity, reach and speed.

YF002N Robot Overview:

- Payload: 2 kg
- Horizontal Stroke: 600 mm / 500 mm
- Vertical Stroke: 150 mm / 200 mm
- Repeatability: ±0.1 mm
- Max. Linear Speed: 3,300 mm/s


- Assembly
- Material Handling

High-processing capability
The YF003N boasts speeds of 222 cycles per minute for a 1-kg payload operation, in a to-and-fro motion, with an upward stroke of 25 mm, a horizontal stroke of 305 mm, and then a downward stroke of 25 mm. Meanwhile the YF002N offers speeds of 200 cycles per minute for a 0.5-kg payload operation, in a to-and-fro motion, with an upward stroke of 25 mm, a horizontal stroke of 305 mm, and then a downward stroke of 25 mm. The high-processing ability contributes to takt time reduction.

Large motion range
The expanded line of products, including the YF002N, with a motion range of 600 mm in diameter and 200 mm in vertical direction, and the YF003N, with a motion range of 1,300 mm in diameter and 500 mm in vertical direction, covers various types of workpieces and production lines.

High accuracy
High repeatability ensures accurate pick & place operation and high productivity.

High-density layout
The YF002N, with its more compact structure and smaller footprint, enables the high-density layout of multiple robots. The lighter body can also be installed on a cantilever mount.

Readily compatible with the Vision system
The series can offer high-speed, high-precision, and safe transfer in combination with a visual sensing system.
The YF002N’s top mounting base is provided with a hollow space at the center for installing a camera.

Wash-downs with acid or alkaline cleanser (For the YF003N)
The arm is designed for wash-downs with acid or alkaline cleanser, thus assuring hygiene in production plants.

Use of food-safe grease and oil for food-processing machinery
Grease and oil for food-processing machinery is used for moving parts to assure hygiene in case of unforeseeable accidents.

Easy maintenance
The simple, center-drive shaftless design results in easy maintenance.
The YF002N is designed so that the main parts can be exchanged in units, greatly facilitating the task of exchanging parts.

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