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ZD130S Robot

ZD130S Robot


Designed specifically for palletizing applications, the Palletizer Series features five unique robots with payload capacity from 80 kg to 500 kg to suit most needs. With industry leading work range and reliability, Kawasaki's high-speed palletizing robots help companies improve production line efficiency.

The food product, pharmaceutical, printed matter and various other industries are involved in multi-variety small-lot production in order to be able to address the diverse needs of their customers. In addition, there are also demands for the maintenance of product freshness and reductions in distribution inventories while “just-in-time” delivery has also become an essential condition.

The rationalization and automation of distribution are now a focus of attention as a means for responding to such demands. Palletizing and depalletizing, which are especially important factors, have given rise to demands for the development of flexible automated robot-based systems to ensure their rapid, precise and continuous implementation.

Kawasaki Heavy Industries produces a line of three different types of palletizing robots, including the RD80N with a maximum payload of 80 kg, model ZD130S/250S with a maximum payload of 130/250 kg and model CP180L/300L/500L with a maximum payload of 180/300/500 kg. Each has a broad Work envelope coupled with high-speed action and demonstrates its effectiveness in accelerating speed and reinforcing performance.

ZD130S Robot Overview:

- Degrees of Freedom: 4 axes
- Payload: 130 kg
- Horizontal Reach: 3,255 mm
- Vertical Reach: 3,075 mm
- Repeatability: ±0.5 mm


- Palletizing

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